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close, almost, unsubscribing, undecided, new, recent.
a "neo-hampster owner" would be somone who aspires to look after a hampster, understands all the implications and obligations of keeping a hampster, but does not yet have one to look after.
by matty July 21, 2005
Main chracter in the Wachowski brothers Matrix trilogy. Neo is played by actor Keanu Reeves. Neo is a mythical man and his coming was fortold in a propehcy.
Neo is really amazing! Look at his uber skills!
by 1337 Fork July 31, 2005
The goody-goody of the Matrix Trilogy. Goes out with Trinity and is introverted in personality. Hates Agent Smith and likes to kick Smith's ass. Before becoming Zion's messiah, he was a big computer nerd/hacker who listened to Massive Attack whilst searching around for Morpheus on the Net.
Neo also secretly likes Starbucks coffee.
by Drugless May 27, 2005
The chief protagonist of the Wachowski brother's modern Gnostic-inspired masterpiece.

A modern day pop-culture figure of symbolic significance for people who have long-since been jaded by the comparable stories of Jesus Christ and various other ancient, mythical, resurrecting and dying Godmen.

Neo is THE dude.
There's a little Neo in all of us...
by Gnostic_Neo February 27, 2007
The One.
Trinity:" It's NEO."
by Ayce Manik May 15, 2010
A clever anagram of one (that looks suspiciously like a typing error).
Script Writer: "Keanu Reaves is going to play The Neo."
by Goanga June 16, 2006
A Hybridiztion of Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop using methods, elements and samples intended for Electronic or Industrial music. Such styles can carry a term like "Electronic-Pop" or "Industrial-Hip Hop". The term Neo implies that the structure of the music is a new approach to an established portrayal of the original style. Such styles usually involve several styles or sub-genres of music in one song.
Instead of using a term like "techno-pop with electric guitars" (Neo-Rock) or "R&B Dance music with an electronic twist" (Neo-Pop), just use to word Neo.
by The Legend of XERO January 30, 2010