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An insurgent; someone or something that works against all those around him.

An individual who collapses, like a house of cards, under pressure.

A weak, tampon-like human being or thing who fails to serve his/its purpose and gives away way too much when the slightest pressure is applied. A useless cuntrag.
You know, Mr. President, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Rush Limbaugh is trying to tear down our republic from within?
Mr. President: Yes, Rush is such a Neil O'Donnell!

You know coach, I'd like to start and play most of the game, but my daddy tells me that I would wilt like a Neil O'Donnell under the pressure.

Bertha: Sally, my protection simply is not working in my high-flow months.
Sally: I do believe the mistake you've been making is purchasing those over-priced, useless Neil O'Donnells.
by Fraud Exposer July 08, 2009
Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback most remembered for throwing two interceptions to Dallas Cowboys cornerback Larry Brown in Super Bowl XXX. The Steelers went on to lose the game. Many Steelers fans blame O'Donnell for the loss.
Neil O'Donnell is the reason we lost the Super Bowl!!!
by WTF its Eamon October 01, 2007
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