Negropean is a noun, an adjective, and a metaphor. To some it is insulting, like being called a nigga, to others its a term of endearment, like, my nigga. A negropean is the new "Tom". Somewhat like an oreo only more refined. The modern-day in the house type of step and fetch, I pulled myself up by my bootstraps cat. It derived from a rap lyric I penned but never published.
Perfect examples:
The Braxton character from the Jamie Foxx show. The character from the Mo' Money movie. The Carlton character from the Fresh Prince show, just to name a few.
by One Greaterthanme October 24, 2004
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Top Definition
African American that knowingly or unknowingly perpetuates the agenda of elitism colonialism puritanism or other race / bias platforms
Man do you know what this Negropean just told me?

"If Emmit Till had not dressed like a thug he would not have been killed" Mane FOH
by lexicon activist October 08, 2014

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