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Formal synonym for Makranis. So-called on account of their primary descent from imported 'Zangi' Bantu Negroes, with survivals of Aboriginal Dravidoid Gedrosian elements. Closely related to the Dalit-Dravidian 'Negroes of India', they are also termed the 'Negroes of Iran' as the Makran coast belongs to both Greater Iran & Greater Pakistan.

In fact, "Negroes in West Pakistan are called Makranis. Apparently the early slave trade involving Negroes centered in & around Makran from where they were distributed to different parts of the country, such as Las Bela, Kharan, Kalat & Karachi." - 'Makranis, the Negroes of West Pakistan' John B Edlefsen, Khalida Shah & Mohsin Farooq. Phylon 21.2 (1960) 124-130: 124.

Further, their Negroid-Australoid physique renders them far more muscular & heavy-boned than Caucasoids, turning them into the best 'goondas' & athletes in muscle-sports: "Some of the best international level boxers in Pakistan have almost all emerged from {Makrani} Lyari & same is the case with football. It is also perhaps the only area in Pakistan where these two sports actually overshadow cricket!" - Paracha, op cit.

Most importantly, their Afro-Dravidian descent also makes them, along with the feared 'Madrasis' of Madras Regiment fame, the favourites of our Pakistani & Indo-Muslim Begums, as the Makrani Penis averages twice the size of the Pakistani Penis. Hence, they are known to make secret visits to dhabas & discos in Makrani mohallas.
1) Makranis are the Negroes of Pakistan

2) "On the basis of such historical evidence, we are justified in saying that most of the so-called Makranis in West Pakistan are the descendants of Negroes who were either captured &/or imported as slaves during the early development of Islam, particularly in the 9th century when the Arabs of Oman had a very flourishing trade with the colonies in East Africa ... Also they were captured by the rulers of Kharan in battles with Iran & Afghanistan esp. during the 18th century, & still others were brought to Karachi by persons coming back from their pilgrimates to Mecca." - Edelfsen et al, op cit, p 127.

3) "The Sheedis are believed to be the descendants of slaves, sailors, servants & merchants from East Africa who arrived between 1200 & 1900 AD. In what is today Pakistan, these slaves largely settled along the Makran Coast in Balochistan (they are also called Makranis) & in lower Sindh. Linguistically, they speak variations of Balochi & Sindhi & (in Karachi) they are also known to have created a distinct dialect of Urdu referred to as ‘Makrani’ in which Urdu words are mixed with Balochi & Sindhi expressions ... Most Sheedis in Karachi were & still are associated with the fishing business ... They also constitute the largest labour force employed at the Karachi port & harbour." - 'The Good, the Bad & the Lyari' Nadeem Farooq Paracha. (29 Mar 2012)
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza September 10, 2012
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