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A client when buying your product or service can experience a negative cost if the benefits from using your product or service are greater than its cost. A negative cost can also result from a reduction in their costs from the use of your product or service that is greater than the cost of buying the product or service from you or it may result from some combination of higher benefits and lower costs.

Negative cost selling is all about understanding your client’s business from their point of view and being able to measure the benefits you create and the cost reductions you cause.
“A minor soccer team organizer approaches a professional team for a donation to help with their upcoming tournament. Instead of just giving them money, the pro team gives them tickets at a discounted price (say $25 each) which they in turn sell at full retail price (say $45 each). They keep the difference. Their cost for each ticket is a negative cost, i.e., -$20. This also turns all the local minor sports teams, the players, their moms and dads, grandmothers and grandfathers into a new sales channel for the pro team which helps to fill their arena or stadium. It also teaches the kids about entrepreneurship and self-reliance and they come to understand the maxim: ‘Give a person in need a fishing rod, not a fish.’”
by Prof Bruce October 30, 2009
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