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neesha is a girl who has MORALS. she likes to have FRIZZZZEEEE hair. anyone who questions the frizz will be shot. this includes you sarah.
"oh my god what the hell is that on your head???" (sarah)
"my frizz you bitch. you must now die".
by vicky November 27, 2003
Native of essex, fond of wearing no clothes, aspirations of being an accaaaaaaantant, 9pm vomit watershed, ginger hair, conniseur of fine noodles (bachelors)
"Oh my god, i'm standing naked in the middle of essex,with my ginger hair flowing in the wind, its just gone 9 o'clock, im staring at a pile of my own vomit, which looks suspiciously like super noodles and I haven't even started my accaaaaanting essay." Who am i? Answer = Neeesha
by BONDAGE PYE November 17, 2003
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