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Carlos Mencia's real name. Born in Honduras with a German father. Ned thinks because he was born near Mexico he has the right to call himself wetback and classify himself as "beaner." He is well known for ripping other people off and getting all the credit. He got his stage name from a comedy club because "it sounded more Mexican."

Nobody should watch his stupid show either, which is just rehashed sketches of other comedians jokes. I think he pays the audience to laugh. All he has going for him is his "controversial and edgy" material which I already heard from about a hundred different comics before hand.

Ned Holness is a hack and he fucking gives comedy a bad name. He rips people off and tries to be something he's not. Hopefully people will see the light and stop supporting him and he will lose all his money and have to be deported. He also announced on a radio show that he gave himself a nickname. What a fucking tool.

Joe Rogan recently handed Ned's ass to him and the video can be seen all over the internet. Finally someone has the balls to stand up to this fucking hack.
I fucking hate Ned Holness and so should you. He's a fucking thief, a hack, a loser, and he is not funny. I guarentee Ned has never spent one day living as a normal Mexican.

Ned, either apologize to the world and every struggling comedian that deserves that success you stole, or simply retire from ripping people and get a day job. Or you can move to Mexico and back up everything you say.

Oh yea if you don't believe a word I say, do some research for yourself.
by A fan of comedy February 19, 2007
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