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My Middle School experience =/= NDSSG.
Those kids look like they're in high school. And they never seem to have class, they're always chilling with the janitor or partying in the halls. But if you're not like me and can overlook such things, it's kinda a fun show.
Friend: "Hey-did you catch Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide?"
Me: "Yeah, can you believe it? They spent all this time creating a giant volcano, don't they actually have SCHOOL?"
Friend: "It's just a's not that bad."
#ned's #declassified #middle #high #school
by oonceoonceooncebananas March 27, 2010
a semi-funny show with teen actors who make a mead notebook filled with "tip's" about how to get through school. during the show the kids spend very little time in class and have more dating drama than homework. they are oddly close friends with the janitor and spend a lot of time complaining about having school work and tests.
guy1: "did you see Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide last night?"
guy2: "yah they had a tip that just said 'Get a cool hairdo 2 weeks before school reopens'."
guy1: "yah thats why i got a mullet."
guy2: "thats awesome" :)
#teennick #fairly odd parents #zoey 101 #drake and josh #nickelodeon
by LL Money July 16, 2010
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