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The practice of having sex with a dead badger , then afterwards, drinking the jizzm from its arse.

It should be added here that the Badger should be "a few days old" (rotten) with flies emminating from the skull wound. The animal should also have had T.B.

When you come accross something that is particularly sick you can say to your friends - "that's horrible man, like Necro Beastial Badger Feltching".

A popular evening past time for members of parliament and everyone from the Isle of Man.

Common claim, I wasn't "Necro Beastial Badger Feltching, I was simply looking at the wildlife....."
#nbbf #todg-badger bating #badger watching #making a skunk milkshake #indulging in billy-oddity
by Reginald Donkeylover October 04, 2005
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