A verb, noun, or adjective used in any given situation.
Neave: Avital wanna vc?
Avital: Nah Neave I'm just neaving for now, but later maybe ill neave, and after that I'll Neave with you
Neave: Iight baby sounds good. Lets Neave!
by neavealot December 30, 2009
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A beautiful, intelligent funny girl who's most outstanding feature is her kookiness and sense of humour. Usually attracted to Asian men. Talents include creative skills, such as drama and art. A Neave is a very good friend to have. Normally has a very attractive male sibling.
Weaknesses include a tendency to be insecure about themselves, and a strange obsession with Harry Potter.. A one of a kind type of girl, Extremely witty, often sarcastic and always up for a laugh. Very sensitive and often dramatic, Beautiful and charming! Can also be quite crazy... but when u get a Neave that loves you, she will love you with with all she has got so don't let her down as once she is hurt she's gone forever! Everyone loves her for her sense of humour and being herself. Gets along with everyone. Very good at keeping her emotions in and putting on a brave face. Can be sensitive to things said about her or a certain someone although she may not show it.
Neave is strange
by lydia gyles October 14, 2013

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