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Da sexiiest MoFo ive ever seen in my life lol i dun think i have as much fun wit ne as i do wit u i love you so f*ckin much xox
Neal is a hottie n i dun kno ne1 that would not wanna f*ck him all nite long!
Hott black guy with a large p**** who is really cool and is going to become treasurer of CJHS.
He's such a neal
by neals fan December 01, 2003
Sexy MoFo! I want to lick him.
The NEal JP Fan Club!
by Neal LOVER December 10, 2003
Hott guy who lost treasurer election to Jared because Neal isn't jewish enough to win!
neal is hott
by neal again December 10, 2003
Hott hunk of a man who goes to CJHS. He is really hott and strong and funny and caring. Did I mention he's hott?
hes a neal jp alright
by neal jp December 02, 2003
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