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To Quit, Retire or Resign from your job as managment is considered a bunch of Nazi's taking all their employees to the Gas Chamber with use of Verbal Abuse and Mismanagement.

Quoted by a former Boeing Machinist named Lee
I have had enough of this bullshit here as I am getting off this "Nazi Train", the fucking assholes are killing us and just taking us to the fucking gas chamber and I am not going to let that happen to me.
by Mr. Machinist May 29, 2007
Company Managers who berate and rile their employees with rude manners and force bullshit upon them making them feel like they are on a Nazi Train heaed to the gas chamber.
Hey Guys, Lee came up to me and said he is sick of this Nazi Train shit here at work and he is getting off this train and he is going to retire because he doesnt want management taking him to the gas chamber.
by Mr. Machinist May 30, 2007
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