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1.a Nazi Zionist is a person who supports/expresses Zionism using Nazi fundamentals.

2. a prejudice person who claims Israel is the birth right of all followers of Judaism.

3. a person who denies the existence of Palestinians Muslims and Christians.

4. Nazi Zionism refers to the Israeli government which is currently committing a Genocide against the Palestinian population.
-Ethnically cleansing the land of all Palestinians (as Hitler had done with the Jews)

5. Nazi Zionist commits crimes against humanity and gets away with and says the whole world is racist when questioned.

6. a delusional creature, might be schizophrenic, believes the whole world is out to get him when in fact he is out to get the whole world.

7. A Jew who brings pain to the Palestinian people/who makes them suffer and acts and commits the same acts of cruelty that Hitler committed on the Jewish population.

8. Nazi Zionist, clearly a hypocrite.

9. A person who oppresses Christian and Muslim Palestinians.

10. one who drops 1 million cluster bombs on an innocent population and gets away with it.

11. an ideology which goes unpunished with the highest # of UN violations.

12. group that controls AIPAC which essentially controls the United States.

13. Group that imprisons children in unbearable prisons and gets away with it.

14. is the best liar, cheat, murderer, manipulator, evil and inhumane person.
Katie: "Palestinians live in our country so we can treat them like animals if we want to and if they don't like it they can leave"

Beth: "Ha! Listen you Nazi Zionist if a Palestinian said this about Israelis you would call them Anti Semitic Katie your Anti Semitic! "

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