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1. a person with a pathological faith in Nature that promotes these ideals to others in exchange for remuneration...

2. a person who'd like to be a medical practitioner but can't really apply themself due to an anti authority figure and personality disorder so they immerse themself in a world of fantasy based on an anachronistic interpretation of eastern mysticism...
“The naturopath’s suggested treatment of ‘erbs and sitting cross-legged did f… all for my illness.”
by The Blobette September 14, 2010
Somebody who looks at a person as a whole, mind,body and soul, they take it all into account, they treat the person rather than the symptoms and use natural remedies rather than drugs! They use all of Gods 8 natural remedies, they strive towards prevention of health problems rather than cure, they also look at the underlying cause for e.g. Lack of trust in God, and they work on how to achieve happiness and health in a persons life.
1. Trust in God and a postive mental attitude
4.Proper nutrition-NOT junk foods but a balanced diet
5.Light and sunshine
7.Rest and relaxation
8.Temperance (Self-control, habits, addictions etc)
by Robert May 09, 2004
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