People, usually girls who may just be skinny because they just ARE. They might even eat, but still be skinny. It could even be due to a fast metabolism. It's hard to tell sometimes if someone has an eating disorder or if they have a fast metabolism and eats a lot, but is thin. Don't make fun of every skinny person you see! You could be wrong!
Girl 1: "Damn girl! Do you freaking even eat? You're so fucking skinny! Go eat, you ANOREXIC BITCH!"

Girl 2: "What the fuck is your problem? I eat so much, I just have a fast metabolism. That means I have a huge appetite, but don't gain much at all. So I'm naturally skinny you idot. Bitch!"

Girl 1: "Whatever.."
by vintagegirlxo May 06, 2009
Top Definition
A person who is Naturally skinny and is NOT anorexic nor bulimic A Naturally Skinny person has a balanced diet and eats well. They also may have a fast Metabolism .

Not every thin person you see has an eating disorder.
Not every thin person you see think that they are fat .
Don't label a thin person Anorexic just because they're thin.

This is in defense of the Naturally Thin People.
Girl 1 : Do you eat? Are you like Anorexic???
Girl 2 : Yes, I DO EAT and no I'm not Anorexic okay?


Girl 1 : Ommmmmgg did u see dat gurl is lyke soo anorexic?!1!?!?111
Girl 2 : Just because she's skinny it doesnt mean that she's anorexic. She's Naturally Skinny.

*Girl 2 disses Girl 1*
by Unknownchild1 January 12, 2008
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