That stuff that wakes you up in the mornings
Which twat turned the natural light on? Was it you again, God?
by April 19, 2004
Top Definition
Cheap, tasteless beer created for underage drinkers who wanna get wasted.
Hey, I bought some natty light for the party tonight.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
the beer of choice for college students.
"Do you have Natural Light on tap?"
by Brad March 13, 2003
a cheap beer that generally tastes like piss that cheap bastards bring to a party.
Dude we really gotta stop inviting shawn to our parties, everyone else brings great home brewed beers and all he can muster is a fuckin cooler of natural light that never even gets touched cause he drinks all the good beer and no one else wants that shit.
by Hobbes69 October 17, 2013
Quite possibly the worst beer ever made. Hardly even qualifies as beer. A good beer to get shitfaced on after you're already too drunk to realize it tastes like piss. Very popular for beer pong. Also known as 'natty'.
The distinct aroma of Natural Light is of piss and motor oil.
by Warhawk137 September 04, 2006
The official beer of Hicksville, also known as Natty's or Natty Light.
Yo man, lets go to that party they have Natural Light.
by Kyle Bauer February 10, 2009
Also known as "Natty Light"

The only beer that's over 75% water, completely tasteless, and is only good for underage drinkers who think they're cool cause over ten gets you seemingly wasted.

Most commonly known to high schoolers as "pussy beer"
Yo can you get me a natty?
A what???
You know, natty; A Natural Light duh!
Nahh man that beer is for pussies! Let's take shots!
by TheeDrunkMess April 10, 2011
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