Top Definition
The most amazing person in the world.
The girl I wanna make happy for the rest of her life.
The girl worth more than any diamond.
She makes me wanna through up butterflies.
She is more beautiful than any celebrity imaginable.
She makes me want to punch a baby from confusion.
A girl more complex than the rubiks cube.
The girl of any mans dreams.
The girl little 12 year olds are having their first wet dreams about.
The girl that all men are day dreaming about.
The girl of which the Gods speak.
That girl that comes once every million years.
She's what honey is to Pooh, to me.
The girl that makes me happy.
The girl I think i'm in love with.
Omg! That girl is such a Nathierah!
I want to marry her.
by You nerd 123 May 27, 2012
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