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Possibly the greatest man to ever walk the earth. Wait, actually the greatest American to ever walk the earth. A true patriot, he bleeds red, white and blue. Many know of him and his exploits, but he is more myth than man. Possessing amazing leadership and cunning bravery, he is a great fighter and could never be taken down or killed. Brought up a devout Roman Catholic, the church has helped shape him into a holy man. He is known primarily for his rugged manliness, something he was born naturally with. He has sported the bearded look for most of his life, being born with a beard. A true friend, he would keep a secret and anyone could trust him. A man of morals, he stands for honor and integrity. A true family man also, makes him the ideal father figure for any young boy and lover for any woman up to the challenge. There is much more to this man than anyone could ever know of. He is a legend.
Joe: Dude, have you ever heard of Nathan Mackey?
Bruce: No man, who is he?
Joe: I don't know man! That's why I asked you!
by ChinoHillian August 28, 2010
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