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Girl 1: Are you watching gossip girl tonight?

Girl 2: Of course. If I didn't, I wouldn't get to see Nate Archibald. And my life wouldn't be complete.
by Boycrazierthanyou December 30, 2012
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A character from the novel series and (once) popular teen show "Gossip Girl". Nate is a perfectly good-looking preppy and known as the "golden boy" of the Upper East Side. He was with girlfriend Blair Waldorf "since kindergarten", but ever since childhood he secretly harbors feelings for Blair's bff, Serena Van Der Woodsen whom he believes is breathtakingly beautiful but insecure. He shared a sordid one night stand before her departure. His secret love for Serena is like an usual habit, although they aren't together.

Sadly, the Nate-Serena-Blair love triangle isn't mentioned too much in the show, while it's the main storyline in the books. More sadly, Nate is getting written off the main plots due to unkown reasons, while he's the main male role in the books.
A: Chuck Bass is hot, so I think Ed Westwick is hot...
B: Look, in real life Ed isn't Chuck. But Chace Crawford and Nate Archibald are both REALLY hot!

A: I love Chair!
B: I love SereNate!
by Gossip Baby October 06, 2012
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