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Nate T's are very rare to find but if they are Some fags who don't have an XBOX and still kick your ass every time you play HALO you have found one. The rarest ones have extremely tall blonde hair and will kick your fucking ass if you do something they think is "GAY" and the gay ting is you killing them. Then when they do something insane they get cocky and talk shit. When you do something insane to them their comeback will be the insane thing they just did ten seconds ago. The Nate T is also a fag-nut who will scream and go crazy after every kill saying how fucking good he is and you want to punch him in the face but not in HALO because he is a fucking asshole who beats you everytime he plays HALO and doesn't own a fucking XBOX!
Nate T needs to shut the fuck up before i stick my dick in his eye and make him blind.
by pool man July 13, 2006
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