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This is when the person in charge of bringing beer to the party purchases Natural (Natty) Light instead of a good beer.
Oh no, the party is suppose to start in five minutes and Nate bought three cases of Natural Light and nothing else. This is a complete natastrophe!
by Madpinto June 14, 2009
The horrendous shit taken after a night of drinking Natural Light. Experienced by college kids too cheap to buy real beer every morning nationally.
Joe: Oh god dude, I just had the worst natastrophe.

Eric: I told you to not be a cheap ass and spend the extra two bucks to get some real beer.

Joe: Here it comes again . . (runs to bathroom)
by A.Mix November 12, 2009
When all the Natural (Natty) Light runs out at a party.
Last weekend at Johnny's house all those freshman showed up and totally ran the house dry, thus resulting in a Natastrophe
by Satchmo'money September 08, 2008
A mini social catastrophe, such as waking up in an apartment building hallway after taking a "shortcut" (self-inflicted obstacle course) home from the bar; swimming in fountains at 5am on the French Riviera; having the dean mispronounce your name at college graduation... etc
Did you hear about that girl who tried to leap a fence on her way home from the bar? She ended up almost slicing her big toe off... what a natastrophe.
by natastrophe June 20, 2011