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Born on November 29, 1994. Daughter of former indie actor and horror actress Steve Niethamer and Bounthom Prakin. Natasha has appeared in the small indie film "Under Pressure" which is a film about a poor girl (that natasha played) that finds a magical squash that changes her into a unicorn. Natasha has also had small roles in the hit movies, "The Ring, The Hulk, Spiderman, Eragon, and Parent Trap." She has won numerous acting and performing awards too. She now takes residence in Palm Springs, CA where she hopes to live a normal life. She does not want to pursue an acting career in the future for personal reasons. Instead, she chooses to to live life where no one knows her name. Currently very overweight. Super short. Has been a vegetarian since the summer of '05.
Natasha Niethamer is a very talented girl.
by raisingthebar July 09, 2009
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Daughter of undercover FBI agent Steven Niethamer, lives in California, currently taking residence in Palm Springs. Mother is a previous actor. Natasha appeared in a not widely known indie film. She then went on to win an emmy award when she was eight for best actress. She has since stayed out of the public eye only known to the older communities of the US. She and her family decided that it was best that she live a normal life, and she will not continue acting.
Remember Natasha Niethamer? Wow. I haven't heard of her in a loong time!
by raisingthebar July 09, 2009
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