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A sweet and beautiful girl with so much love to give! She's hard working, ambitious and determined. She loves to make people laugh and smile. She's super cool! : )
Fulano: Hey, who's that beautiful girl over there? She looks so cool!

Fulana: Oh man you don't know? That Natali!!! She IS WICKED cool!
by LOKA0712 February 03, 2010
Natali has a great personality; is responsible very sweet, kind, and loving. She doesn't take no for an answer; and will be honest. (so don't ask her something about the way you look, or if she likes you if you already have a good guess...) Shes a beautiful person inside and outt(:Shes a type of person that's very hard to find and is definately a great friend. With a nice body(;
by killer<3 September 21, 2010
Sweetest little angel of a sister. Cute girl that always leaves people wanting more. Simply the sweetest girl that has ever walked the planet!! Anyone who has ever come into contact with her is usually left to wonder how they could be so blessed!!
A. "That girl is so amazing!!"

B. "Mmmm.... Shes not bad... but shes no Natali!!!"
by Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee February 03, 2010

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