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Nasty, saggy tits like those you might see on a National Geographic special on Africa.
Stan: "Look at the Nat Geos on that granny."
Dan: "Yeah, I bet she lactates rust."
Stan: "Dude, really?"
by Client 09 December 28, 2008
Nasty saggy titties. Sadly, some bitches are born with these. Learn to identify right away otherwise you'll be kicking your own ass later when you gotta deal with them. Feeling resembles the drooping arm fat of an obese person. Most moms who stopped lactating also suffer from these.

Titties are similar to the nasty Polynesian girls who grace just about every other page of the magazine National Geographic, hence the name.

Synonyms include "not so fun bags". Fun bags is a word for nice fun to play with, vuluptious titties and these are the exact opposite.
"Cute face but the bitch got some Nat Geos!"

"She got them Nat Geos, I could wrap them titties around my arm at least 3 or 4 times."
by Young Bo$$ August 06, 2011
Purposely avoiding or cropping out people from a scenic photo to make it seem like you're alone in a remote area when it's actually crowded with tourists
"I'm trying to Nat Geo the shit out of this photo, but all these people are getting in the way."

"They're not that adventurous, that shit's just Nat Geo."
by Ice ice land-baby May 24, 2016
A breast that contains a nipple which reaches new height. cannot be less than 1 inch high. Derives from the magazine National geographic, refering to the size of the nipples.
Jarel- " yo how was christina in bed i heard she had some nat geos"
Jamal-" for sure that biddy's nipples were higher than a fucking kite"
by Matty Donn June 22, 2009
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