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Nat Morley, full name unknown, born May 4, 1995 is a professional model, artist and "Internet celebrity" living in London, United Kingdom.

She is noted for her "unique look," with her well known "doll features" of resembling a porcelain doll. Using that to her advantage, she began her modeling career at 16. Her career as an artist began at the age of 13 where she is noted for her portraits.

She rose to fame via Youtube videos where she would stage scenarios and perform to the audience. She later moved onto Facebook where she modeled online and created a base of fans, rumours and fakes.

She has expanded to a more professional model where she is one of the most noted site models. She also gained notoriety from for starting a community geared towards helping those who are alone and deal with haters, which is what she gets a lot of due to her controversial statements about religion, abuse and other models. She has been successful enough to have several interviews on television programs and the popular Bebo interview website.

Most of her fanbase consists of 14-18 year old girls and guys, mainly of the "scene crowd." She believes that she has an original style that she has never seen in anyone before, though she admits it has been attempted to be replicated. Thus she finds it interesting and bemusing herself that the majority of her followers are from a certain "label" and often hate sites can be found from her reputation as "wannabe scene queen," or a "Gothic Paris Hilton."
Have you seen the new Nat Morley video?
by Chelly Louise July 18, 2011
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