To make something nasty. To nastify. The act of being nasty.
In a crued act of nastification, he pissed in Joe's beer and came in Laura's soup.
by cmaze February 20, 2005
Top Definition
The act of having sex
This whole thing is too much 16 candels: can't we just skip it, and go right to the Nastification.

Past-Nastification ... act of having had sex in the past ... mostly used if time travel is involved
by MAD-Roger October 06, 2006
The process of turning a joint or blunt into a useless nub, surviving only on the merits of its former glory.
As in, "Dude, hit that shit at your own risk. Its gone through some serious nastification."
by Phillop Stevenson April 30, 2009
Gross, putrid,beyond cleanliness. the act of performing a dirty deed that even the most hardened and seasoned criminal or otherwise is even shocked.

in summary: nastified
Guy 1:Man after he was caught in the act , he
confessed to <.whisper-
in the gross act in guy1's
the ear..>
Guy 2: Man! he said that?! thats just wrong! He' sick! THAT'S some messed up 'nastification!
by Good Thang Man January 01, 2011
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