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An arrogant 16 year old douchebag who gained popularity first from Vine, then decided to start making Youtube videos unfortunately. He and two other of his ugly friends made a video called "What Guys Look For In Girls" where they all basically describe their ideas of a perfect girl. Nash at first says "Be yourself, be natural" to the young girls who maybe and most likely are watching the video and then goes on saying that he dislikes it when girls have body hair and that it's mandatory that they shave because it's "gross" when they don't. After receiving much hate and backlash for this stupid fucking video, he took it down but people still continue to rip this guy a new one making him a huge joke. Someone should tell Nash Grier that girls don't like boys who have eyes so close together that they could give them two black eyes with one punch. The fact that this little fuck has 1 million YT subscribers makes me lose faith in all humanity.
Girl #1: "Hey do you like my outfit?"

Girl #2: "No way, you can see your arm hair!"

Girl #1: "Who the fuck cares?"

Girl #2: "Nash Grier!"
by I Have Arm Hair January 27, 2014
Nash Grier is a 16 year old Vine and Youtube star. You're probably here because you heard about the controversy surrounding a video he made. Nash recently uploaded a video called "What guys look for in girls". There was a huge backlash from other prominent youtubers (Hank Green, Mr Repzion, Savannah Brown, to name a few good ones), and the video was quickly taken down. However, there's a bigger problem. When Nash posted the video, he had a little over 300k subscribers on Youtube. That was about a month ago, and now he's at over 1 million subscribers. By posting the controversial, abusive video, he more than tripled his following on youtube in a fraction of the time other youtubers need. Nash shot himself, an arrogant teenager, up to stardom on the internet. This is not right. The video sent waves of negative messages to his, Cameron's, and JC's followers, telling them to be entertaining, shave, not be a slut (but also not play hard to get!), shave, wear skirts with high socks, shave, and have a talent, like being a head cheerleader.
Nash Grier is hot.
by Carolina Alverez January 26, 2014
Guy 1: "Dude, Nash Grier is such a Fame Whore, he's nothing"
Guy 2: "Yeah! And a douchebag"
Guy 1: " laughs Yep, and a dickbishop"
Guy 2: "Wait, what's a dickbishop?"

Guy 1: "Look it up on Urban Dictionary"
by idiosyncratic_a July 15, 2014
A teen viner who has is rude and is offensive to most of humanity. He made a vine that claimed 'Fags', meaning gays, are the cause of HIV and also made a video talking 'about what they look for in girls' and said it was mandatory that they shave because having hair on your arms or legs is 'gross'. Basically meaning his fan base is full of ignorant girls who only like him because he is somewhat attractive. This makes people lose faith in humanity.
Nash Grier is a faggot.
by HannahJeane July 23, 2014
Nash Grier is a teenage Vine star who is worshipped by 12 year old girls for his piercing blue eyes. To much surprise, Grier's real name is Hamilton. If you don't believe me, look it up! Anyways, Grier is a member of the group they call the 'Magcon Boys'. He goes on tour with a few other Viners and they perform their boring 'act' in front of a crowd of screaming fans. Grier is well known for a video he made with his friends JC and Cameron in which they tell viewers what they look for in girls. Grier says he likes a girl who is confident and natural, but then he rants about how his girl should be talented, entertain him, have brown hair, shave her arms, etc. Grier is very serious about hair. He is also a homophobic jerk. He's tweeted about his dislike for gay rights and he made a Vine saying that AIDS only happens to gays then ending the video yelling, "FAG!" This guy is an ignorant moron who makes tons of money by doing stupid sh*t all day. Sorry.
"OMG I love Nash Grier so much! His eyes are so blue and beautiful! He's just perfect!"

"Shut up!"
by bananabuddy August 06, 2014
A 16 year old boy who is apart of a group called the "Magcon Boys". He was originally famous for doing those short 6 second videos called "Vines". He is loved by many teenage girls... mostly because of his eyes. He is on almost every famous social media. Instagram, Vines, Twitter, etc. He recently made a video on YouTube called "What guys look for in girls". In the video he says "Be yourself, do what you want" and so on. Then moments later he says "Shave! You have no idea how much I hate it when I'm making out with a girl and I get the feeling of peach fuzz! Just wax your legs! Shave! Do something!" And after that video, he lost quite a few fans. But he still has many today.
Ex 1. (The Haters)
Girl 1: Hey going on my first date how do I look!
Girl 2: Wait... you can see a little peach fuzz...
Girl 1: No one is going to notice?
Girl 2: Well Nash Grier will!

Ex 2. (The Fans)
Girl 1: How do I look?
Girl 2: OMG you look GREAT! Like good enough to date Nash Grier!
Girl 1: You really think so!?
Girl 2: Oh yeah totally girl.
by jkaylam2266 August 12, 2014
Nahs Grier is that famous teen from vine. He makes super cute vines with his little sister Skylynn. She's the definition of a cutie sincerely. He has georgeous blue eyes, and he's like super duper duper hot af ! He has abs, nice arms and omg he's so hot ! Check his vine profil @NashGrier and he's also posting some youtube videos on his channel, and on his Twitter so check it out too :) he's doing lots of fs but the thing is that he never replies to the lots of love we send him, that's rude but we love him bc he's funny.
Wow, those eyes for god love, who is that hottie ?
That's Nash Grier, he's sooooo cuute
by imma axelle December 20, 2013