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Nascar face occurs after staring at the tv for over 3 or 4 hours straight of nascar. The face has dried out eyeballs and a gaping mouth.
"Dude, that guy looks hideous"! "No dude, he just has nascar face".
by KyleDeepShit April 16, 2010
someone who, upon seeing their face, you know probably watches NASCAR; also see hick, redneck, white trash, or trailer trash.
At the beach
Megan: Oh that guy in the blue board shorts by the water has a hot body!
Sarah: Agreed but I got a better look at him earlier and he totally has NASCAR-face.
Megan: Pitty.

At Walmart
Jeff: Why does Walmart seem to have such a high ratio of NASCAR-face?
Jake (holding up a Dale Earnhart Jr. t-shirt): Well this probably doesn't help matters.
by CrashJE June 21, 2010
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