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A group of (mostly) middle class kids, originated in the town of Narberth. They are pretty much a couple of pimps. all they do is roam the street all day, while getting bitches and money. it is a very multicultural krew, as it contains a poor black kid, a rich jewish kid and and a jasian (jew-asian). They all shred the gnar (skate) and friccin tweek it (skate hard). they are pretty much the bottomfeeders of the main line, trashing up the house of some rich-ass white girl from gladwyne villanova or penn valley like every weekend. They are the dominant krew at their school Welsh Valley, as the other crews all get depruded by the girls that the narbs left in the dirt after getting with every single one of them. since they are predominantly white, they are beaten on by teachers for slamming tables when black kids are in the corner hittin a joint. the narb krew entertains themselves by climbing on rooves, doing stupid shit, skating, illegaly gambling, hanging out in the comfy ass chairs in the staples, but mostly pullin bitches. Also they have chill ass talks about life and girls, like some of the thundercunts on the main line. Their official animal is buddha the dog and just like how the Jews have Jerusalem, krew's sacred land is Wawa.
Hot Girl: do you wanna hang out with the narb krew?
Other hot girl: Thats like asking of i want to have sex with a bunch of hot guys so im in

Jew crew: guys maybe if we act more like the Narb Krew we will get girls

Black kid in the corner: N**ga N**ga N**ga N**ga
Teacher: *does nothin*
Narb Krew Pimp: *gat*

Narb Krewer: Yo im bored
Other Narb Krewer: lets go fuck bitches and get money
Narb Krewer: dude but we always do that
Other Narb Krewer: it never gets old

Rite Aid: we seem to be lacking $300 worth of profit from lighters this summer
Narb Krew: *Gna Gna Gna*

Officer Porky Pete: Im gonna get you kids
Narb Krewer: *walks away*
Porky Pete: *gets stuck while trying to exit oversized squad car*
by mermaidmanandbarnacleboy February 03, 2013
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