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Defines any highschool girl who is extremly skinny, does "emo" things because she thinks it will make boys like her, colors her hair wierd different flurescent colors every week, tries to hit on guys that dont want her around, and makes up rumors that she had sex with a bunch of guys that have exchanged less then a few words with her.

Origins: Derived from "Nappy bitch" a word to describe a girl with gross looking hair that smells like B.O.

Nappi: Plural- meaning 2-3 "Nappa Bitches" (similar to the plural form of Cactus which is Cacti)

Nappia: Plural- describes a heard of "Nappa Bitches" (usually 4+) this groups are something to avoid as often as possible.
Dude, you wanna go outside and hack?

Nah man, I looked out there earlier, there was a Nappa Bitch out there, then a group of Nappi walked over there and now the big heard of fuckin Nappia is waiting for all of the skaters to go hack.
by Avoid The Nappia February 07, 2011
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