A total sketch-ass movie, in a good way. Even though it had no plot whatsoever, and next to no budget, it managed to gain so much popularity in a matter of days. Much better the second time you watch it, but after that it kinda loses its humor... unless you're trippin out! :P
Just follow your heart... that's what I do...
by fastacious July 28, 2005
it really was a hilarious movie (a movie about virtually nothing that actually holds your attention? wow!) until all the preps started misquoting it.
when ND first came out:

booboo: have you seen ND?

me: yea it was actually funny

when the dvd came out and was being advertised all over the *friggin* tv:

prep: omg! jessica! did you see ND

prep 2: omg yes! that was the best movie ever! come get your food, you fat tub of lard tina! (which is not the actual line)

prep 3: GOSH! ha ha ha i saw it too!

prep: omg did you really ashley!

prep 3: yea and that cheerleader was hilary duffs sister! omg shes a cheerleader just like us! (these blondes are so smart, they instantly pick up on the stereotype of cheerleading in the movie) cough cough*
by pedro4prez!!! March 16, 2005
Someone with superior charisma and dance flare.
1. That Jason dude is a serious napoleon-dynamite.

2. "When he starts to dance, the woman slide of their seats."
by wolfgangamadeusphoenix November 15, 2011
A geat movie that,when it first came out everyone said it sucked. Now that it's "cool" everyone has decided that they love it all of a sudden,even the people that before said it was gay. I wanted the people who made the movie to get some money for their trouble,but this is too much.
If I hear one more person qoute the movie I will cut open their throat and hang them with their vocal cords.
by fan turned annoyed protestor January 25, 2005
Probably the best flippin' movie EVER. GOSH! *closes eyes and exhales loudly*
Do the chickens have large tallons?
Have what?
Large tallons!
..I don't understand a word that just came out of your mouth.
by BeeKaySlacker July 30, 2004
1. A movie by the same name. 2. The "anti-hero" protagonist in the movie by the same name. The character appeals to teenagers and young adults for his indifference to standard areas of conformity facing adolescents: Napoleon is indifferent to popularity among peers-- he not only does not try to be popular or athletic; he does not care to be. This quality in Napoleaon appeals winningly to adolescents who are pressured to conform to their peer groups' ideals.
Naopleon's unselfish loyalty to "outsider" ethnic minorty, Pedro, appeals to adolescents as well as to adults. Depsite Napoleon's lack of conformity he succeeds in several aspects of his life as depicted in the film.
Napoleon Dynamite is indefferent to acceptance by his peers.
by dmaxwell November 05, 2006
Pretty much the best film ever made.
Piggy 1: GOSH! I love Napoleon Dynamite.
Piggy 2: Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day.
by El and Lou August 11, 2005

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