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Nanticoke High School has had more bomb threats than snow days. You won't find much here, besides druggies and skaters. The high school revolves around the sports teams (which aren't that great anyway). We have a dress code that no one follows.
"I just love Nanticoke High School!"
by Nanticokian February 01, 2010
A school filled to the rim with whore, stoners, drug deals, assholes, players and walking STD's. Authority is hardly enforced and you can walk into a girl bathrooms and read the walls to see who to meet, who to stray away from and who slept with who over the past six and a half months. Every inch of this school is pure scum and the teachers try to maintain the best they can. The school screams screw up. This place should have been shut down once the first cockroach appeared in the gym.

Here you can walk down a hall and find out where the party is, whose going to be there, whose getting pregnant, and who will OD, you can find out whats what as far as who snuck out and whose grounded, or who is getting jumped in the alley after school.

The school is not controllable in any sense of the word. on the exterior the bricks are faded and currently there is a huge spider crack in the main door way. The secretaries are nothing special and they can hardly care about the students.

The only thing Nanticoke Highschoolers have to be proud of is their ability to survive. Here you need to have stealth, confidence, self esteem, and you need to be emotionless. You think your high school is bad? Spend on day will run for you life in horror.
Freshman 1:So yesterday Amanda slept with Jared and Mike in the same night.
Freshman 2:Yeah well i heard she was pregnant by Josh
Freshman 1:She was looking a little bigger than usual
Freshman:Well she was pretty high at that party, so who knows what happened.
Freshman 3:I heard it was a train.
Freshman 1&2:oh..ouch..wouldn't doubt it...
Freshman 3:it is Nanticoke Highschool were talking about.
by Llopez February 04, 2010
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