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Ankles that are freakishly small, almost non-existant. No ankles = nankles.
Olive Oil, Popeye's girlfriend, even with her big black boots tied they do not securely fit around her nankles.
by lwerner July 13, 2006
4 17
Nankle is an alias for Vagina, Fanny, Pussy, Gash, Axe Wound, Wet fleshy hole. It originates from the word pum-pa-nankle in the year 2001.
In the situation of a group of Male friends out on the prowl:

"Oi Sidney, I really need to get myself some Nankle tonight"


"Fucking hell Harry, there's a lot of Nankle in this place tonight"

Nankle can also be used as a insult, examples are as follows:

"The Police are nothing but a bunch of Nankles"


"Your Dad's a Nankle"


"Only a complete and utter Nankle would do that"
by Cid Brown April 16, 2010
7 3
The meaning commonly known in the fun. fandom (fun.atics, fun.dom.) as a word to label Nate Ruess's ankles.
by Bevenia February 03, 2014
1 0