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Indecisive, unable to make a desicion, always second guesses her choices
Are you sure you like that chair? I still see a store tag on it and I think you might Nancy it.
by sl4089 August 12, 2011
28 42
Nancy is a female slut that is most likely to go out with dumb asses named Carlos, Richard, Robert downy jr. or frank maybe even Rolanda
Girl 1: Did you see that slut over there!
Girl 2: Yeah i bet her name is Nancy!
Girl 1: Who is that guy shes with?
Girl 2: His name is probably Carlos or maybe Richard?
by Robert Downy October 19, 2012
12 48
Nancy is describing something that is gay, gross, stupid, or dumb.
"Ugh, that's so Nancy!"
"You're so Nancy!"
"I can't believe how Nancy you are!"
by imawalkingtravesty January 21, 2012
19 65
When someone is acting like an old librarian cunt.
Hey man, quit being such a nancy, your mom came on to me!
by ben becklovich October 08, 2011
20 70
A guy who cannot stop being a pussy long enough to take care of his kid, and allow the world to stop hating him for it. Usually the "nancy" is characterized by not paying child support, being a complete ass to his child's mother just because, tries to reunite with said mother when she moves on in life, or is constantly cheating.
1.) Dude: "Hey J where's that child support check at?"
J: "Oh I'm getting next month, Nancy has to not work and play his online games first and foremost."

2.) Neil Kabal of Vassar, MI
3.) Brandon Howard of Newport News, VA
4.) People on Maury
by BeachCat December 09, 2010
23 103
-a code word among girls for menstruation.
-her period.
So Nancy got here last night... she was so mean. Might as well have been stabbing me in the back.

I cant go swimming, Nancy is visiting.
by Marp the Trundler May 26, 2010
47 153
a girl that likes to engage in sexual acts with men of other nationalities and races
Dude 1: hey we need to get that German foreign exchange student laid
Dude 2: lets get him to talk to diedre shes such a nancy she'll be down at any party
by HAZ_DP_PIMP March 07, 2010
69 187