If you have a name you are a asshole
Person 1: hey! What's your name?

Person 2: My names Evan

Person 1: Your an asshole!!!
by KurtAngelico December 05, 2013
Names are used to identify someone or something. Do not talk to strangers. Never give your name to strangers.
When you're talking to a stranger:

- Names are for friends, so I don't need one.

When you're talking to a friend:

- Hello, my name is Earl.
She's a very beautiful and sensitive, she's trust worthy and and the Realest person. She's really kindhearted. She loves too deeply and gets hurt easily...
Girls like her tend to have bad trust issues. If you know an arleny girl and you are really close to her, you could tell everything by looking in her eyes. Be careful, don't mess with her because you could easily hurt her.

She's a really strong girl but she never forgets.

You'll have to be really special to her if you could bring her real smile out. She's also fun to be around and cool to hang out with.

I would never wanna loose an arleny girl, she's great!
Arleny is very pretty name
by Xogirl August 29, 2014
A name is something you are given after birth, its what you are called, specify. Some people have middle names because if they dont like their first name, they can use their middle name. People can also change their names when they get older if they would like.
Girl 1: "I think its stupid when people get a tattoo of their own name on themselves, and when they tattoo a guys name."
by FlyAway July 20, 2011
No Affection to My Ears
1.Which means that a piece of music does not affect another. 2.The piece of music is very awkward or lame.
3.It can define a piece of music, a musician, album, and/or any other things that relate to music.

Dude 1: Dude, that piece of music is so NAME
Dude 2: Shut up, MCR is so not NAME.
Dude 1: Whatever.
by DELUprovider April 23, 2008
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