Used to counter the effects of saying something that can be perceived as gay, without subjecting the speaker to the repercusions of being taken literally.

This developed from the phrase "no homo" which was shortened at first to "no H" and then finally arriving at "naitch."

Naitch is pronounced with an "N" in front of the sound for the letter "H".
Tom: So, Sven, I got two tickets to the Super Bowl, you want to come with me?
Sven: Tom, I love you.
Tom: ...
Sven: Oh, sorry. Tom, I love you, naitch.
by David Fier February 09, 2007
Top Definition
1. Nickname of Ric Flair, former WCW/NWA and current WWE professional wrestler. One of the greatest of all time.

2. Anyone trying to emulate the great Ric Flair.

3. A 16 time World Heavyweight Champion.

4. Who Triple H aspires to be.
Come on Naitch, let's go to the ring.
by Nicolicious February 08, 2005
Meaning: negative, no, won't do it. Something of a dislike.
Will you call your ex if your lonely? Naitch..
by Suga lips for him May 22, 2013
One who does or says something that you dislike or generally pisses you off. Short for "NO BITCH."
"You are such a NAITCH"

"What?! you did that? NAITCH"

"Naitch bb on c"
by brian holden October 28, 2006
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