A dorm at KU filled to the brim with Jews, and kids from (spoiled)Chicago. Located next to a porn shop and Oliver Hall. Also called the Nai Nai, the Nai, and Naiberg.
Dude one: Hey dude are you going over to Naismith to get drunk tonight?
Dude two: Fuck yeah man lets get girls drunk and take advantage of them!
by A guy who lives in the Nai September 13, 2008
Top Definition
one who provides underage drinkers with alcohol on a regular basis.
How are we going to get beer for tonight without our naismith?
by Codester09 November 14, 2009
A mistake that is easily avoidable.

Origin in electronics distribution, but has now started to find a wider circle.

Something that you would be expected to achieve with ease. Usually, something that would embarrass you in front of colleagues and peers.
1. Having left my car in gear in the garage before going on holiday, i returned home started the car and promptly jumped forward and demolished a wardrobe and a (good portion of the car). "I have completely Naismithed my car"

2. After accidentally poking myself in the eye with a pencil while attempting to scratch my forehead, a colleague remarked "i think you just Naismithed"

3. Phoning the wrong supplier to ask for a quote for a product they don’t do. Then insisting that it is them that has made the mistake "i have made a complete Naismith of this quote"
by Reinhardt the 3rd November 20, 2012
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