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Intense obsession with the look of one's toenails. Often shown by cutting them while doing something else, often with very freaky results. Most notably observed by June Drabble on her husband Ralph.
Beatrice: Yuck! Your feet are all sweaty. Don't be such a nail timber!

Ralph: But my toenails grew too long, I had to cut them!

Beatrice: That's freaky. Jogging and cutting your toenails - that just doesn't mix right.

Ralph: (scoffing) Oh yeah, well you try it Beatrice Middleton! We'll see if you're a nail timber someday!

Beatrice: (storming off) That's it! I'm gonna go run with Morris. At least he's not a nail timber like you!!!
by Dusty's Baby Powder October 22, 2010

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