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A slight derivative on the word Newbie, Newb, or Noob.
"omg dude youre such a nabi"
"theres too many fuckin' nabi's here"
by Spaz August 05, 2004
16 31
Acronym for Not a Bad Idea.
Person 1: He wants me to fix his computer.
Person 2: Tell him to learn to fix it himself
Person 1: NABI
by FalseLogic September 19, 2009
5 7
means prophet in Arabic. Navi in Hebrew and nebyo in Aramaic
Muhammad kaan nabi wa ibn kalb aidaan.
Nevi Shmuel hayah ish tzadik.
Dawidh nebyo d Aloho
Arabic: Muhammad was a prophet and also a son of a bitch.
Hebrew: The prophet Samuel was a righteous man.
Aramaic: David is a prophet of God.
by Joshua Neuman April 26, 2005
22 59