None of that pussy shit.
Person 1, "Dam man, I do not think I can finish my buffet plate."
Person 2, "NOTPS, None of that pussy shit man."
#bitching #pussy #wuss #pussy shit #be a man #do the right thing
by owenismo March 06, 2010
Top Definition
Essentially the opposite of an "OTP"
While "OTP" describes one's ultimate favourite pairing. "NOtp" describes one's least favourite pairing.
A fairly popular term in the shipping community.

Unlike, OTP - which is an acronym for "one true pairing", NOtp, simply plays with the fact that "O" sounds like "No". The "N" does not stand for anything.
Sarah : Ew... she's like 17, and he's like 40. And he spends the entire series trying to kill her! How can people even ship this? This is my NOtp for sure.
#shipping #ships #otp #notp #no tp
by Zombunnies August 27, 2013
Two people you do not support being together in the slightest or a paring so terrible it should not be spoken of no matter how cracky.
My NOTP will always be Jason x Molly. (Just made the names up off the top of my head.)
#otp #pairing #ship #fandom #love
by fuck-me-please June 30, 2013
An antonym for OTP. It's two people who (in your opinion) were never destined to be together and you would hate it if they had some kind of relationship.
Tumblr user 1: yo man diD YOU EVER S EE (insert OTP here)
Tumblr user 2: no dude gross they are totally my fuckin notp
#notp #otp #one true pairing #tumblr #no
by Meruetta July 04, 2013
N.O.T.P. means Nigger(s) on the prowl...
The boys are always doing crazy stupid stuff, They are just a bunch of N.O.T.P.
#notp #n.o.t.p. nigger #niggers #noggras #prowlers
by -cM January 14, 2009
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