A term used by Pinky in the childrens show "Pinky and the Brain." It is used as a verbal crutch like "uh" or "ya know what I mean."
NOLF! What are we doing tonight brain?
by Thomas November 03, 2003
Top Definition
Short for No One Lives Forever. A great action/stealth PC game in which one plays a young female spy working for a benevolent intelligence agency called UNITY. The game is extremely well-planned, and even more so is its sequel, NOLF 2; while NOLF maintains the serious spy elements of most of the Bond movies, it also manages to incorporate a humorous and happy-go-lucky tone. A must-have for any player of video games, unless they're not into its type of gameplay.
I got slaughtered in NOLF!
by Alejandro Canales May 09, 2003
No One Lives Forever: Classic first-person shooter starring Cate Archer.
I was playing NOLF yesterday.
by TGKF March 27, 2003
NO ONE LIVES FOREVER. In response to #YOLO for people that actually live life to the fullest.
I've partied 20 straight days #NOLF.
by NolfDaddy January 09, 2013
a Nobody Likes to Fuck, He or she is soooo ugly that even he or she was the last one in the world, you will never have sex with.
That girls is a real NOLF
by Janneman Robinson April 02, 2009
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