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No Life Mode X. When you cannot stop playing an MMORPG, in order to become better at the game, or just don't have a life. NLMX can be done with Monster, Vault, Mountain Dew (Warning: Lowers Sperm Count), or caffeine of any kind. Founded by God K I D the summer of 2007.
Man, last night I was freaking NLMX!
by Mr. Snifflez May 24, 2008
Word invented by #godkid irc. Means NoLifeModeX, No lifing of course defined as doing nothing but sitting on your ass playing runescape for sure. Treehopper77, God k i d, and the rest of the #godkid crew do this ALOT.
Alex NLMX's woodcutting while going for 99.
by Treehopper77 May 04, 2008