Word invented by #godkid irc. Means NoLifeModeX, No lifing of course defined as doing nothing but sitting on your ass playing runescape for sure. Treehopper77, God k i d, and the rest of the #godkid crew do this ALOT.
Alex NLMX's woodcutting while going for 99.
by Treehopper77 May 04, 2008
Top Definition
No Life Mode X. When you cannot stop playing an MMORPG, in order to become better at the game, or just don't have a life. NLMX can be done with Monster, Vault, Mountain Dew (Warning: Lowers Sperm Count), or caffeine of any kind. Founded by God K I D the summer of 2007.
Man, last night I was freaking NLMX!
by Mr. Snifflez May 24, 2008
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