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Naval Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. A program, focused on the U.S. Navy, that helps students become better citizens and give them knowledge about the government and world. People commonly mistake cadets as "losers" or "nazis" but in reality it is a fun program that does NOT force and/or encourage you to join the military. Some kids in the program end up joining the military but it is not a recruiting program. NJROTC is like a family where all cadets stick together. It allows students to gain higher ranks in the program and gives them power over each other like in the military. It builds you physically, emotionally, and mentally.
CO: Alright Cadets let's do some drill!
Cadets: Yes Sir!

Nick: What are they doing?
Jane: Practicing NJROTC duh!
by Cadet Nerd September 26, 2007
fucking gay pointless a waste of time you will never lose your virginity if you join the program because every girl thinks your fucking weird i myself have been in the program`for 4 years and plan to hang myself later tonight....have fun fags
girl - you wanna come over after school
cadet - no i have njrotc, sorry
girl- wait you're gay?
by stop babe, dont touch me there January 18, 2011
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