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6 "games" that came from hell itself

1. ghosts n goblins

2. total recall

3. friday the 13th (can't play as jason)

4. nightmare on elm street (can't play as freddy)

5. TMNT ( the dam level, oh god the dam level)

6. action 52
(commercial comes on tv and shows the average family playing 6 games while faking interest)

Joe: WOW! 6 games for the price of one! i'm getting them!

(later...) Joe: just let me win once damn you!

(NES gets thrown through wall)

mother: THAT COST ME $52.50! YOU're Grounded!

52.50 for the NES crap pack?

mother: what? (plays and then dies from boredom 3 days later)
by I h8 nes October 25, 2013

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