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right, well this is another word for pre-ejaculation.
i would just like to point out that that this only ever really happens to gayboys.

basically it occurs when the male becomes rather exited, you could explode at ant moment, in the middle of sex, or even before the clothes have started beeing torn off each other ;)

basically it doesnt happen a lot.
there is only one guy in the whole of wellingborough that we know of that this has happened too and as im not allowed to name any names, im pretty sure if your from wellingborough, you know who it is! :) okay

NEALybabe is just another name for cumming to quick really. you see the subject at hand had a chance with two fine female examples, they each thought yeah hes fit hell be good in bed but unfortunately he pulled a NEAL, hence where NEALybabe orrigionated from.

just to give extreme examples of when NEALybabes may occur, the first girl he actually made it to having sex with her but unfortunately for the unforseeing female, the subject lasted about 3-5 minutes.
At the other end of the scale is yet another extreme example, this time the second female didnt quite get as far, not even as far as foreplay. the subject and the second female were just kissing while gently moving her hand up the subjects thigh when he stopped, shuddered and let out a little whine, then explaining that he had just creamed. DREAD!

now remember that these were 2 extreme examples at opposite sides of the scale.
so remember lads is actually is possible as i have just given an example, you can pull a NEALybabe.
so think before sex!
1) "oh my godd! he just pulled a NEAL"

2) "im really sorry babes, ive just gone and NEALybabed"

3) "your so shit, as if you just NEALybabed all over my new bedsheets, i cant believe you!"

4) "dont worry love, ive never NEALybabed, so we can have fun"

these are also extreme examples of how NEALybabe may be put into context.
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