National Collegiate Athletic Association.

It covers any sports from basketball to rifling
March Madness (basketball) is one of NCAA's biggest money-makers
by 360shot March 21, 2013
A group of mostly older white men who mostly spend their time making sure that mostly young black men don't get paid.
Yo son, did you know that many NCAA executives are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars while they prevent the college athletes who actually bring in the dollars from making anything?
by ben_da_illest August 10, 2014
when a girl has No Cheeks At All
Yo that white girl got a N.C.A.A.
by Randy A.K.A. Rizz November 17, 2005
An acronym that stands for "Not Cute At All" when you can't find one thing physically attractive about a person.
Friend 1: "Geez, that guy must play for an NCAA (N-C Double A) Team."

Friend 2: "Which team is that?"

Friend 1: "The Not Cute At All team!"
by Blkphoenix856 February 14, 2009
The greatest sports league in the world. Players actually play for the game, and not for the money. Way more intense than the NFL or NBA.
NCAA 2005, is the best video game on the face of the earth, the game is way better than Madden.
by Dave June 01, 2004
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