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"Not blue, shoot it"

In the MMORPG "Eve Online", a corporation (group of players) can have a NBSI policy. Allys show up as blue, enemies show up as red. However, non-rated people show up without a color. An NBSI policy would mean that all red and non-color (usually strangers) will be shot on sight.

A corporation that does not have an NBSI policy is friendly to all strangers until rated otherwise.
"Has the corp decided on the NBSI issue?"
by mariolj July 11, 2006
(No Bull Shit Intended) A term used to indicate to people that you are being truthful about your prior statement.
Guy1: See that guy over there?
Guy2: Yeah
Guy1: I banged his mum with a double ended dildo.
Guy2: NO WAY!!!
Guy1: N.B.S.I.
by Ziggie Zertophf July 06, 2010