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A type of low-bar comedy. the type of comedy your grandmother would love but get irritated by. The lowest of lows and the cheesiest of them all. Every joke is the same and every episode is lame. NBC makes the same stupid comedies over and over again by putting up and coming hot comedians on their shows, put them in a boring premise and call it a comedy show. Parks and Recreation, Community, The Office, Outsourced etc etc. What do all these have in common? EVERYTHING. All featured up and coming comedians hot on the rise. Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Azari, Donald glover, Ken Jeung and more. Boring premise makes it funny. Oh Community college isn't supposed to be funny in real life. NEITHER IS MAKING FUCKIN PARKS. They stick a "curse word" in their once in a while to think its keeping its edge but don't get it twisted. Your pastor will still recommend these types of shows for the whole fuckin family to watch. What a disgrace to comedy
Friend: hey did you watch Community last night? troy wanted to move in with Abed but Abed didn't want it because he thought it ruin their friendship. So that got troy mad and he ended their friendship. But towards the end Troy realizes too much of a good thing is bad for you by eating a giant cookie and they become friends again!

Me:................ Is this a lifetime movie?

Friend: No it's a NBC comedy

Me: that doesn't exist
by HotPocketsBoy September 20, 2011
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