Nasty Ass Mother Fucker; a man or woman who does something exceptionally offensive or nasty
That NAMF shit himself.
by Cocoa Sashimi June 25, 2007
Top Definition
Acronym used to abbreviate the phrase 'not a massive fan of', for use when wishing to display any emotion between strong hatred or fear and dislike bordering on ambivalence.
1. Q: Fancy seeing my tarantula?

A: Nah, NAMF spiders

2. Q: What do you think of the new *insert film here* film?

A: NAMF tbh

3. Q: Did you see that Girl *insert name here* got with last night?

A: yeh! eeew! NAMF that!
by dictionary44 September 19, 2010
N.A.M.F. is a term referring to absolutely terrible gamers who for some reason find their way on to Xbox Live and the Playstation Network and expect some type of respect from other high level players. NAMF in its simplest form means, n00b Ass Mother Fucker.
What the hell are you doing, you NAMF?? WE'RE BLUE AND THEY ARE RED! God, someone boot him please.
by harhartharsdays December 01, 2009
namf is a abreviation for Nasty Ass Motha - F###ker.
(Doug farts)

"Man, who the hell was that?"
"That was Doug. Damn, you NAMF!"
by A. J. Haywodd June 29, 2009
Nasty ass mother fucker = Wasted english person in Canadian ski resort

Used in B.C. since 2012
Get the hell out of here you NAMF!
by Upodemus November 01, 2014
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